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Slow Cosmétique


In February 2016, Kamelya Aromacosmétique was awarded the “Slow cosmétique” designation, a first in Canada. This is achieved through a rigorous 80-point process.


Since 2013, the European association which holds the brand “Slow cosmétique” (registered trademark) awards the Slow Cosmétique Mention to brands committed to true beauty. These brands are thus rewarded for their proprietary formulas, but also for their reasonable marketing.

Quality guarantee, the Slow Cosmétique mention is awarded if the brand responds point by point to their charter.

Kamelya Aromacosmétique is recommended by the “Slow Cosmétique” association which militates for a healthier beauty. A guarantee for proprietary formulas and kept promises.







SLOW criteria # 1: For a "smart" cosmetic

The Slow Cosmétique movement responds adequately and reasonably to the real needs of the skin. It recognizes the skin's basic dermatological needs, including cleansing, hydration and protection, and responds to it with sensible products or gestures. For this, it is imperative to use ingredients from available resources that bring something positive to the skin. It needs to avoid inert, inactive or unnecessarily processed ingredients, as well as any ingredient that can maintain or improve the health of the skin to the detriment of the health of the rest of the body or mind.


SLOW criteria # 2: For a "reasonable" cosmetic

Slow Cosmétiques does not create new skin needs and limits the number of products and gestures required to maintain healthy skin. In its speech, it makes no promises that are impossible to keep in light of the nature of a product or a cosmetic gesture. Resolutely positive and non-anxiogenic, it invites the interested to refocus and to think about each act of consumption of a product or a service. Effective, it relies on naturally active and beneficial ingredients for the skin without wishing to claim its exclusivity.


SLOW criteria # 3: For a "ecological" cosmetic

Slow Cosmétiques is formulated and practiced with respect for the environment. It favors the least transformed natural and biological ingredients in its formulas, which excludes any ingredients derived from synthetic chemistry, petrochemicals, animal exploitation causing death, as well as any potentially polluting ingredient for the environment. It strives to minimize its ecological impact in all spheres of its activity without exception, and therefore favors short cycles and exchanges at the local level.


SLOW criteria # 4: For a "humane" cosmetic

Slow Cosmétiques is formulated and practiced with respect for Man in all its complexity. It recognizes the need for pleasure experienced by Man as a quality and invites him to cultivate his pleasure in a simple way. It focuses on plants, animals and minerals that are beneficial to the body and beauty as much as to the mind. It excludes any ingredients and any technique potentially toxic to humans. It invites Man to come into direct contact with nature and does not seek to recreate it synthetically. It refrains from any form of retouching or concealment aimed at misleading its interlocutors. It is sold and bought at a fair and reasonable price, reflecting the true quality of its formulation or service.


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